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Your stationery will be your guests' first glimpse at your wedding day. Are they in for a formal, black tie affair, or a casual, backyard gathering? Let them know what to expect by sending them invitations that will set the tone for your celebration.


Need help figuring out how to get your vibe across? That's what we're here for! 

The invitations you see on this page are considered 'Existing Designs'. We keep the design as is, and simply swap out the wedding details for yours (simple color/ font changes are allowed). Using an existing design is a great way to stay under budget for your stationery! To see the coordinating pieces for each design, please contact us.


Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us about creating a 'Custom' or 'Semi-Custom' design for you! Also, check out our Shower Invitations, which can easily be repurposed as wedding invitations as well! Click here for information on pricing.

(double-sided tri-fold invitation)

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